Monika Forsberg is a freelance animator, illustrator and adventurous artist. Of Swedish origins, she moved to the UK in 1996 to experiment with pencils and paper at Westminster University, where she produced her first sex themed animated film “Filth”, a pornographic animated loop in collaboration with Matthew Small.

While attending The Royal College of Art in 2000 she accidentally made the film FRANKIE’S CHIMERA, about a man pretending not to be scared of the dark. The following year she went on to make THIS IS HARROW, a true story about two girls living in Harrow and hiding from the TV inspector man.

HIS PASSIONATE BRIDE was commissioned by Channel Four Television and produced by Animus Films. This satirical take on romance was BAFTA nominated in 2004 and won the First Prize for best animation at Granada International Film Festival in 2005 in the form of a giant ham.

Monika has also created idents for Nickelodeon and is currently developing the BEST animation series EVER with Animus Films, and making a new short film in collaboration with Susie Sparrow with the support of the Arts Council of England.

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